Welcome to WANTSUM SAVERS – founded as The Isle of Thanet Credit Union in 2002


WANTSUM SAVERS the Isle of Thanet Credit Union is a ‘Not for Profit’ financial co-operative, which offers a convenient saving and low interest loans service to its members.

It is entirely owned by its members and run mainly by volunteers.

The volunteers are members and all from the Thanet and surrounding area.

All Credit Unions are authorised and regulated by an organisation called the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Credit Unions are required to send regular financial reports to the FSA, to be audited annually by professional auditors and submit the accounts to its members at the Annual General Meeting.

At the Annual General Meeting members elect the Board of Directors to run the Credit Union.

Each qualifying member has one vote in the Credit Union.

Who Can Join?
Membership is open to everyone living or working in Thanet and the area bordered by the River Wantsum.

Our Value Statement
We will:
Provide Helpful Solutions for Local People
Value members, volunteers and staff providing continued training and development.
Behave responsibly and with the utmost integrity.
Operate to the highest ethical standards.
Be confidential, professional and efficient when dealing with members.
Value our position as a responsible organisation, providing access to finance for Thanet, the surrounding communities and work to revitalise the local economy.

Registered under The Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965. No. IP00674C
FSA Registration No,213824 under The Credit Unions Act 1979

UPDATE 14th February 2015 – THE Wantsum Savers Credit Union, which has provided banking for Thanet since 2002, has closed after unpaid debts pushed it into default.

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